The profit of 2021 Citroen Tianyi C5 Aircross is as high as 20000. Can the legal system car set a peak

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profit citroen tianyi c5 aircross

In recent days, , We learned in Zhengzhou, Henan province that , Chevrolet, once the pinnacle of the legal system, is selling at a profit recently , Its flag 2021 Style Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS At present, the profit is as high as 2 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 14.57 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2021 Style Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS Real vehicle diagram of , Let's see .

Appearance part ,2021 Style Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS Dynamic and fashionable , The whole is round . Front part , The design of banner air inlet grille is adopted , The upper part is connected with the logo through a silver trim strip LOGO, Make the front part wider . The headlight sets on both sides are slim in design , The internal light source is clear , The texture is very good . The size of the front air inlet is wide , It has good performance .

The body side , Straight lines , Appear relatively “ Hard air ”. Window line part , Decorated with silver trim , Further improve the grade of the vehicle . Wheel hub part , Petal shaped multi width design is adopted .

Tail shape , The overall design is square . Rear part , Huge shape , The internal light sources are arranged up and down , When lit, the recognition is very strong . Exhaust layout , Single side single output design is adopted .

The interior , Embedded central control 、 Liquid crystal instruments are available , It has a relatively good technology configuration . Details , It is wrapped in soft leather with excellent comfort in the Champions League , The grade of the car has been improved .

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