The owner of Chery ant complained that the power of the new car was lost one after another. The manufacturer and 4S store cooperated to solve the problem

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owner chery ant complained power

The car suddenly loses power while driving , For the personal safety of the drivers and passengers in the vehicle , There must be a serious potential safety hazard . In recent days, , China auto quality complaint platform received a Complaints from Chery ant owners , He said he had just started a new car for ten days , There have been three cases of sudden loss of power .

According to the owner, Mr. Li , A series of small ants broke down this month 7 I just bought it from Yueyang Qichen Trading Co., Ltd , But in just ten days , There have been three cases of sudden loss of power during normal driving . And one of them happened on the highway , Very dangerous .

This month, 17 Number , The vehicle lost power again during driving , Mr. Li said , Three failures , The vehicle is in normal driving condition .

4S After the shop tested the car , It is found that this car does have three historical fault codes , But what exactly is the reason 4S The store doesn't know , The solution to this is if such a failure occurs again , Then carry out detection and troubleshooting . The owner disagreed , The customer service of Chery manufacturer said , The problem may be related to the battery , The manufacturer will send staff to the site for inspection to determine . The person in charge of the manufacturer said that the car didn't lose power , But the acceleration doesn't work , That is, stepping on the accelerator doesn't respond .

After the owner complained ,4S Store contact the owner , It means that the manufacturer will install a fault reader in the vehicle ,24 Monitor the vehicle for hours , If the fault occurs again, the record can be read in time , In order to facilitate inspection and maintenance later .

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