Unexpectedly, model 3 collided with bicycles in kncap

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unexpectedly model collided bicycles kncap

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , South Korea KNCAP Yes 2021 paragraph tesla Model 3( Parameters | inquiry ) Safety tests were carried out , The car finally got 83.3 branch , Corresponding to the highest security level . But during the test , The car loses more points in pedestrian safety and accident prevention , Only level 3 ( Up to level one ).

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In the active safety test , tesla Model 3 The reason for losing points seems to be that there are too many pedestrians and bicycles . From the exposed image , The car is in AEB Automatic emergency braking test link , Respectively by 20km/h、25km/h as well as 40km/h Test at three speeds , As a result, they all hit the bike because they didn't brake in time .

For the event just held last week AI Japan , For Tesla, which has proved its leading position in the field of automatic driving to the industry , Its models are in the most basic AEB It's a bit surprising that there are problems in the test . Here we also remind readers , At present, the so-called automatic driving technology of mass-produced models on the market , All belong to assisted driving , It is still necessary for the driver to pay attention to the road conditions at all times and take over at the first time when dangerous situations occur .( writing / Car home Hu Yongbin )

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