Chery's high-end models, 2021 Xingtu range moon, have a straight drop of 3000, which is higher than the configuration of the joint venture brand

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chery high-end high end models

In recent days, , We conducted a shop search in Luoyang, Henan Province . according to the understanding of , Chery high-end models ,2021 paragraph Xingtu is selling at a profit , At present, the discount range of the whole department is 0.3 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 16.59 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2021 A real car drawing of Chery star road to the moon , Let's see .

aesthetic ,2021 The style of Xingtu moon is domineering , It has a strong visual impact . Front part , A banner design is adopted , The thick chrome plated trim makes the front face full of layers . The headlight sets on both sides are sharp , The internal light source has LED Design of daytime running lamp . Front air inlet section , The same banner design , The whole is very broad .

The body side , The layered waist line of the car body makes the huge car body without the suspicion of being bloated , It extends from the front headlight to the tail lamp , The convex profile is obviously outward , Looks more powerful . Window part , Decorated with silver trim , It has a good texture expression .

Tail shape , The rear of the car presents a solid design style , With chrome plated through trim , angular , Very hard line . Supplemented by exquisite blackened through tail lamp design , With double side exhaust pipe , Show a strong sense of movement .

The interior , The integrated design of central control large screen and LCD instrument is adopted , Effectively enhance the sense of technology of the vehicle . The central control area completely replaces the physical keys through the touch screen panel , It is very convenient to operate . Details , The design of wire drawing panel is adopted , Greatly enhance the luxury of the vehicle .

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