Value marketing becomes a joke, "paranoia" has no medicine to cure. Where is Chang'an Mazda road?

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value marketing joke paranoia medicine

In Japanese brands , Mazda is an alternative . If you talk about the details 、 Basics , Mazda and “ Two fields and one production ” The gap is not very big , But in terms of market share 、 Brand voice , Mazda can't talk to “ Two fields and one production ” par . even to the extent that , Mazda even admits to being a “ Small and beautiful ” The brand of . As market competition intensifies , Mazda is losing ground in the Chinese market , It really becomes a niche brand .

lately , North and South Mazda completed a reorganization and merger , FAW Mazda has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda , Brother has become a father and son ! In addition, China FAW equity exchange took off Chang'an Mazda 5% Equity of . To the outside world , It's a win-win , FAW lost its baggage , Chang'an Mazda has also avoided fighting with FAW Mazda , Product lines and sales channels will be expanded , The comprehensive strength has increased .

Over the past few years , Mazda's layout in China has always relied on Chang'an Mazda , Mazda is “ Small and beautiful ”, But that's relative to giants , Which car company doesn't want to sell 、 profits ? however , Chang'an Mazda will not lose money .2020 year , The cumulative sales volume of Chang'an Mazda is 13.67 Thousands of cars , And 2019 In the flat , And this is obtained through the sharp price reduction of the terminal , As a result, net profit fell year-on-year 21.12%, Only 14.76 One hundred million yuan . Look at the latest data ,7 In January, the sales volume of Chang'an Mazda was 10025 car , fell 8.41%, Decline in chain ratio 5.3%, Since the beginning of this year, the sales volume has continued to underperform the market , The decline is obvious .

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