The new king ascended the throne? Chery QQ ice cream official map release

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new king ascended throne chery

chery QQ Ice cream can be said to be the car that the author of this Chengdu auto show is most looking forward to , Not only because of its cute shape , More because it may be a real threat to Wuling Hongguang MINI EV Market position of new cars . At the advent of Chengdu auto show , Star car park obtained a group of Chery from official channels QQ The official picture of ice cream , Come and have a preview !

QQ Ice cream supply 7 Kinds of colors for consumers to choose , The light and bright car body color gives people a pleasant young breath .QQ Ice cream is made of cute U Daytime running lights , The closed grille and the black trim panel under the front of the car have a good sense of hierarchy .

It is different from other micro electric vehicles in their pursuit of simple shape ,QQ Ice cream uses quite a lot of lines for processing , Such as a straight body waist line 、 Protruding fender and layered front and rear surround, etc , This design gives people a regular and full feeling visually .

QQ Ice cream relies on Chery's mature car making technology and Chery QQ A large number of users' word-of-mouth accumulated in the early years , It can be said that it has occupied the best time and place . In the new energy vehicle market with large-scale capital entry ,“ knockout ” It's far from here , Now is still full of opportunities “ Qualification Heat ”, So now Chery QQ Ice cream still has a broad market space to be developed .

source : Star car yard

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