Toyota's last car to give up was recognized as stable and durable, and both cars were better than accord, but it was discontinued

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toyota car recognized stable durable

v For joint venture brands in the market , The most powerful are Germany and Japan , A Volkswagen and a Toyota can be said to firmly occupy the core of the market , Its models, whether cars or suv Are favored by Chinese people , Especially the public , Like its Langyi , Soar team , Jetta and other models are among the top ten regular customers in the sales list , and suv The Volkswagen Tiguan in is also recognized as the most value preserving model , Has been enjoying high sales in China , Is the 20 Wan Shang Xia suv Benchmarking in , And for Toyota , Has been crowned with “ It's not bad to drive ” A good name for , Especially its off-road vehicles , Domineering and landkuluze , It is the dream model of almost every off-road enthusiast , But it's a pity that Toyota Rand cooluze , But it was broken by the domestic FAW , Finally, the road to shutdown . For the Toyota brand , There are many models worth remembering . Just like the Toyota's determination I introduced today , Definitely the last car Toyota should give up , Recognized value preservation and opening resistance , Many people who know cars even admit that second-hand ones are better than Honda Accord , But helpless, it withdrew from the market early , It's really a pity .

For Toyota , Engine technology has always been at the forefront of the world , Especially its luxury brand Lexus , The engine has even been crowned the first in the world . And the determination of this Toyota , Toyota 2005 A car launched in , Produced on the same platform as crown , Share chassis and transmission , It is more reliable in three major pieces , And this car has one of its biggest highlights , It matches the standard configuration V6 Engine and front and rear drive layout , stay 20 Among the 10000 models, it is definitely a classic , And the market reputation of this car is also quite good , It is recognized that the value of preservation and resistance to opening , Therefore, many people who love and understand cars frankly say , Second hand ambition is better than accord , After all, someone else's V6 The engine is there , And you have an oil incident at Honda , Compared with the natural second-hand determination, the quality is more prominent .

In terms of appearance design, although this car is 2013 The paragraph , But the overall visual effect is still relatively young , Prefer sports and passion , Especially the design of the two headlights in front of us , With the domineering feeling of Rex Seth , It can be said that it is very beautiful , So why is this car going to stop production , First of all, poor marketing leads to low profits , Toyota is the most profitable company in the world , The value of not achieving the desired effect , It will naturally choose to give up , The second point is that the space in the back row is relatively small , Not suitable for home use , For young people, they can't accept such a high price , Therefore, this is also a side factor for the poor car market to stop production .

The interior design of this car will give people a mature and stable atmosphere , The design of the center console is relatively regular , It gives a traditional flavor , However, the use of a large number of wooden materials is the biggest highlight of the interior of the car , It not only sets off a sense of luxury , And improved the grade of the whole car , This kind of interior is benchmarked to the current Toyota Camry , I think it's better than , Like the new Toyota Camry , Although in the appearance design, the atmosphere is publicized , But the interior design is really disgusting , Too mean and cheap , Therefore, in terms of interior design, this Toyota's determination has no meaning of falling behind .

In terms of power, this car is equipped with 2.0L and 3.0L Of V6 Naturally aspirated engine , For power, it is definitely the trump card of this car ,20 The killer mace of 10000 models . On the whole, the car , The appearance and interior design are not divorced from the current aesthetic , The power performance is also excellent , The only problem is the space in the back , But after all, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages . After all, the market reputation of this car is still good , If Toyota insists on changing models , I think this car will definitely become the mainstream in the market B Levels of car , Never lose Camry and maiteng , Unfortunately, Toyota gave it up early .

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