2021 Changan uni-t must be worth buying

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changan uni-t uni worth buying

Nowadays, the manufacturing technology of various brands of cars is getting better and better , There are many models that can be selected at the same price , But many young people who have just worked for a few years will choose 10 More than 10000 price models , So if you recommend these people to buy one 2021 paragraph changan UNI-T 1.5T How about the sports flagship ? The official price is 13.89 Ten thousand yuan .

aesthetic 2021 Section Chang'an UNI-T The front face is decorated with cool mecha style grid and split style on both sides LED The combination of headlights makes it sporty , Highly recognizable .

2021 Section Chang'an UNI-T 1.5T The body size of the sports flagship is... In length, width and height 4580mm*1905mm*1565mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm. And the lower hub is also equipped with yellow hub calipers , And its beautiful lines on the side are very smooth, and the whole looks very moving .

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