Digital reading | Guanghui automobile released the semi annual report: 380000 new cars were sold in the first half of the year, and the net profit exceeded 1.7 billion yuan

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digital reading guanghui automobile released

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[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] recently , Guanghui Automobile Service Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Guanghui auto ”) Published as of 2021 year 6 month 30 Interim consolidated results on . Announcement shows that , In the first half of this year, new car sales of Guanghui automobile reached 37.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 20.4%; Achieve revenue 840.4 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 27.2%; The net profit in the first half of the year was 17.74 One hundred million yuan , The net interest rate for 2.1%, Up from the same period last year 1.1 percentage .

Guanghui automobile has many luxury brand stores

As the top 100 dealer group of China Automobile Circulation Association , Guanghui automobile has been at the top of the list of top 100 dealer groups for five consecutive years . data display , Guanghui automobile currently owns 795 Business outlets , Include 749 home 4S shop , Covering the whole country 28 A province 、 City 、 Autonomous region .4S In the shop , Super luxury and luxury brand stores are 225 home , More than 30%.

Guanghui auto 4S Stores all over the country 28 Provinces and autonomous regions

said , In view of the objective situation of the shortage of automobile chips , The company focused on strengthening the new car gross profit control and inventory management , Give full play to its scale advantages and cooperate closely with the main engine factory , Ensure the steady growth of new car sales in the first half of the year , Business performance has improved steadily , Restored to 2019 Year-to-year level .

Authorities believe that , Guanghui automobile's performance recovered in the first half of this year, exceeding the expected level . Societe Generale Securities said , First half of this year , Guanghui automobile is actively engaged in network construction and store integration , Yes, at present, including BMW 、 audi 、 Volvo 、 Jaguar Land Rover 、 The first sales camp of many luxury brands such as Maserati . meanwhile , This year, 4 month , The company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Ping An , The two sides carry out various forms of digital docking and commercial cooperation , Fully realize resource sharing 、 Complementary advantages , Meet the diversified needs of customers .

source : Understand chedi's report

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