Sodium battery and lithium battery double line power: new energy vehicles may not be limited to cars

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sodium battery lithium battery double

When it comes to new energy vehicles, people ask these two questions , Respectively : Why can an electric drive be defined as a new energy source and why a battery car is not

These are two interesting questions , Electricity has experienced more than 100 years from its discovery to its application , It's exactly 200 years since the first electric motor was invented ; It can be said that neither electricity nor motor is anything “ Young technology ”, It seems to be defined as “ new type ” Energy is somewhat incomprehensible .

However, the distinction “ Old and new ” Your reference is not a timeline , But whether it can regenerate ; Phenomenon power generation is not a strange term , Electricity can be created , Whether by fire 、 Water power 、 wind 、 Light and biomass can create electricity , But conventional energy cannot be created . Like digging coal 、 oil 、 Natural gas does not “ Hair ” These energy sources , Because these are fossil fuels , It takes millions to hundreds of millions of years to synthesize the natural energy generated by the mass extinction of organisms , Is to use some less 、 Will eventually run out of energy . Failure to regenerate is routine “ Old energy ”, What can always be transformed is new energy , The first question has been answered .

Why are motor vehicles also driven by motors , Only cars belong to new energy models ?

answer : Battery type .

Automobile is defined as a new energy vehicle, which should have an absolute relationship with the battery used , Equipped with various types of lithium batteries ; Such as nickel cobalt lithium manganate 、 Nickel cobalt aluminum 、 Ternary lithium batteries such as lithium titanate , There are also lithium iron phosphate batteries with soaring loading in recent two years , Its core lies in the special characteristics of positive and negative materials . These elements have no heavy metal materials , At best, transition metals , The material itself is not like “ lead ” The same problem that can cause pollution ; The electrolyte of the electrolyte is mostly lithium hexafluorophosphate , The second is some flame retardant 、 conductive 、 Low temperature improvement and other additives , The degree of damage to the environment is controllable , The point is that these materials can be re manufactured in an ultra-high proportion .

The elements of lithium iron phosphate battery except electrolyte are basically harmless , And some of the electrolyte can reach “ Direct drinking ” Degree of harmlessness , The battery is used in the vehicle 、 Lead will not be produced in the three links of echelon utilization and secondary manufacturing 、 mercury 、 Cadmium and other heavy metal pollution . So lithium iron phosphate battery is a good power battery option , But for car companies, these are not the most attractive ; There are three core advantages of lithium iron batteries , The order should be as follows . Low manufacturing cost, long service life and high thermal runaway limit

The cost of raw materials used in ordinary ternary lithium batteries is relatively high , In especial “ cobalt ”, This is why many battery suppliers are studying low cobalt batteries or cobalt free batteries ; However, no matter how to adjust the proportion, it is still difficult to control the cost , The raw material cost of lithium iron phosphate battery is obviously too low , The cost of this power battery can be as low as that of ternary lithium ⅓~¼, It is the core driving force to promote the endurance growth of electric vehicles .

In addition to the advantages of manufacturing cost , The safety of lithium iron phosphate battery during charge and discharge will also be very high , Because the oxidation capacity of iron ions is not strong 、 It doesn't release oxygen , To put it bluntly, it is extremely difficult to have redox reaction with electrolyte ; At the same time, the P-0 The key is very short ( Difficult to decompose ), In theory, it won't be like nickel cobalt manganese at very high temperatures 、 Lithium manganate 、 Lithium cobalt oxide and other batteries have structural collapse and heating , Or form strong oxides to cause deflagration .

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