What are the main reasons why the hedging rate of pure trams is lower than that of fuel vehicles?

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main reasons hedging rate pure

In the used car market , Compared with pure tram , Consumers are more likely to choose fuel vehicles , There is also a great difference in the hedging rate between pure trams and fuel vehicles .

According to the survey data , The average hedging rate of pure tram in one year is 70% following , The average hedging rate of fuel vehicles in three years is higher than 70%.20 The hedging rate of models with more than 10000 yuan is more than 80%. On the current data , The one-year hedging rate of electric vehicles is not as good as the three-year hedging rate of fuel vehicles .

The maintenance rate of electric vehicles is low , To a large extent, it is related to the speed of renewal and large-scale price reduction activities . Frequent price adjustments have a huge impact on the depreciation of used cars .

In addition, battery technology 、 Rapid advances in autopilot hardware , The overall performance of the vehicle is greatly improved compared with the previous products , It will also seriously affect the second-hand trading market .

The value of electric vehicles varies greatly between buyers and sellers , For example, battery warranty is a big problem whether to follow people or cars . In particular, there is no unified evaluation standard for new energy vehicles , It has seriously hindered the second-hand transaction of trams .

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