Domestic Highlander is coming. The new second generation gs8 is brand new, with a wheelbase of more than 2.9m and a Toyota th hybrid

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domestic highlander coming. coming new

Write it at the front :

SUV In the Chinese market these years , It's like a fish in water , With the change of consumer demand in the domestic consumer market ,SUV The proportion of market sales is close to that of cars , Become a market segment that keeps pace with the car market . And with the SUV The continuous prosperity of the market and the upgrading of domestic consumption , medium SUV Even medium and large SUV The market has also ushered in new development opportunities . So many manufacturers began to layout medium-sized enterprises SUV market , When it comes to medium size SUV, I have to mention that hanlanda .

Hannanda is in the middle SUV On the market , The position is obvious , With its excellent performance 、 Fuel economy, high reliability and beyond the same level of hedging rate , Become the choice of many consumers . If you take stock of domestic medium-sized SUV, It must be mentioned that GAC motor GS8. For GAC motor GS8 The car , Many people are no strangers . It once sold more than ten thousand a month , Become the best-selling medium-sized SUV, Set multiple records on the market , It is also the best-selling medium-sized brand in China SUV. Now , This classic domestic medium-sized SUV Ushered in a new generation .

The new second generation GS8 judge , Taken on a new look

8 month 25 Japan , New second generation trumpchi GS8 At the technical tasting meeting , We saw the new second generation GS8 The true face of . As a replacement model , Second generation trumpchi GS8 The change of is a new one . The new car is based on GPMA Modular architecture of GAC global platform L The platform was built , It's also GPMA The first high-end under the architecture SUV, It can be said that it has been comprehensively refreshed from inside to outside .

About GPMA-L The platform is not simple , It is for medium-sized enterprises / Flagship platform for medium and large products , In the future, other flagship models of GAC motor will also be born on this platform . The first time I saw this car , You will be shocked by its luxury , It has a luxurious and domineering appearance , Robust stretch proportional posture , This momentum can even be compared with many flagship models of luxury brands .

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