The price is a little floating. Kia MPV Jiahua may sell for 350000 yuan

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price little floating. floating kia

[ China net new car ] Jiahua is a medium and large-scale product launched by Kia MPV, At present, it has gone through four generations , The fourth generation Jiahua is based on Kia's third generation platform i-GMP To build and , On 2020 It was listed in Korea in, and has a good sales performance so far . recently , has obtained the price information of the fourth generation Jiahua made in China from relevant channels ,2.0T 8AT The price of the basic model is 35.00 Ten thousand yuan .

The appearance of domestic Jiahua is basically consistent with that of overseas version , It adopts Kia's latest family design language , Large size medium mesh and LED The headlights are integrated , It looks very imposing , And a brand new brand LOGO Is designed on the hood .

Body size , The length, width and height of the new car are up to 5155/1995/1740mm, The wheelbase is 3090mm. Compared with the current model , The length of the new Jiahua body has increased 40mm, Width increase 10mm, Wheelbase growth 30mm. The tail design of domestic Jiahua is very simple , Full and layered , The most conspicuous is the through tail lamp design , And extends all the way to the rear fender , Has a high degree of identification .

The interior of the new car focuses on Fashion Technology , Dalian screen 、 The design of knob gear shifting mechanism and touch air conditioning panel shows an advanced feeling ,2+2+3 The flexibility of the seven seat layout is also very high . Besides , The car will also be equipped with a driver assistance system , You can achieve L2+ Level .

motivation , The new car will carry a 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 171.4 kw , Transmission system matching 8 Speed automatic transmission .

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