Most drivers don't know the misunderstanding of car maintenance: deliberately driving at low speed will hurt the car

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drivers don know misunderstanding car

as everyone knows , It is easier to buy a car than to keep it . Many drivers make up their minds , Get yourself an exclusive car at a high price , But it got stuck in car maintenance , In the face of this dilemma , Most people will go to the Internet for help or consult the old driver , But you know ? Actually , Not all the knowledge about car maintenance spread on the Internet is correct , such as , Many people say that driving at low speed is better for the car , Is it true ?

Of course not. , And deliberately driving at a low speed will not keep the car , It may also cause damage to the car . actually , The optimum engine speed is 2000 Turn left and right sides , At this time , inlet 、 The exhaust is in the smoothest stage , The operating temperature of the three-way catalyst can also enter the optimal mode , The air-fuel ratio is also the best , And that's why , When the combustion is sufficient and the power is stronger , In fact, the fuel consumption is not high .

But once the car is running at low speed , Intake and exhaust are subject to interference between cylinders , So it won't be too smooth , Therefore, the air-fuel ratio will not be ideal , At this time, the fuel consumption of the engine will not drop , And the power will be very poor , The key is that insufficient combustion for a long time will lead to increased carbon deposition in the cylinder and affect spark plug ignition , so , Deliberately driving at low speed is really a kind of car destruction .

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