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nezha car hand hand huawei

Abstract :“ This time, Nezha automobile and Huawei joined hands , Will help Li Nezha automobile has steadily consolidated its core competitiveness in the era of intelligent vehicles .” Nezha automobile said in a press release .


writing | Wang Shuaiguo

8 month 25 Japan , Hezhong New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Nezha car ”) With Huawei Technology Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Huawei ”) Sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement . According to the agreement , Nezha automobile and Huawei will be based on the Internet of things 、 Cloud computing 、 Key technologies such as informatization of big data , In intelligent Internet connection 、 On board Computing 、 Intelligent driving 、 Carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of digital energy and cloud services .

As the first model of bilateral cooperation , Nezha, which will be launched next year S Will be applied to Huawei MDC Intelligent driving computing platform and lidar technology .

Disclosure of information , Which zha S Located at “ Zhiqu high-energy electric sedan ”, yes 2020 Concept car unveiled at Beijing Auto Show Eureka 03 Mass production version of , Based on Nezha car HPC New electric platform to create , The extended range version has a range of more than 1100 km , The battery life of the pure electric version exceeds 800 km . The car accelerates at 100 kilometers 3.9 second , Parking without people 、 Remote call 、 In some scenarios such as automatic tracking and driving , Can be realized L4 Class a autopilot .

“ This time, Nezha automobile and Huawei joined hands , It will help Nezha to steadily consolidate the core competitiveness in the era of intelligent vehicles .” Nezha automobile said in a press release .

It is worth mentioning that , Previously, Nezha automobile had introduced Internet companies 360 As its second largest shareholder , The two sides said they would work on Intelligent Internet 、 Smart cockpit 、 Digitization 、 Explore cooperation in network security and other aspects .

according to the understanding of , Nezha automobile is already the fifth automobile enterprise in China to carry out in-depth cooperation with Huawei . before , Huawei and BAIC respectively 、 Sailux 、 Changan and GAC have reached an in-depth cooperative relationship . among , BAIC polar fox 、 The cooperation mode between Chang'an, GAC and Huawei is Huawei Inside, And Thales is the smart choice of Huawei . Popular speaking , The basic system of HUAWEI is autopilot , BAIC polar fox 、 Changan, GAC and Huawei are jointly developed .

For some car companies , Cooperation with Huawei is the fastest way to realize intelligence 、 Ways to enhance competitiveness . Lu Wenliang, a distinguished researcher in the automotive industry of the industrial science and technology innovation center of the strategic advisory Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Economic Observer network reporter earlier , The first thing car companies face is survival , For example, BAIC and Xiaokang , Problems in self-development , The highest priority is to survive . The second is the depth of cooperation ,Huawei Inside In essence, Huawei provides parts , Different enterprises will discuss the depth of cooperation with Huawei according to their own situation .

But there are also car companies that remain vigilant about cooperation with Huawei . For example, Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC Group, once said at the company's shareholders' meeting , It is unacceptable to cooperate with a company like Huawei to drive automatically , Otherwise “ Lose your soul ”.

From the current models cooperated by Thales and Huawei —— Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 In terms of sales , Get on “ Huawei concept ” It doesn't seem to mean taking off .

This year, 4 month 20 Japan , Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong personally for the Cyrus platform , It also sent several microblogs to announce the intelligent selection of Thales Huawei SF5 Go online in Huawei Mall , And officially settled in Huawei's flagship store . Yu Chengdong also said , stay 7 At the end of the month, Thales Huawei will select SF5 Plan to enter Huawei 200 Home retail store , It expanded to... At the end of this year 1000 home .

And then , Cyrus also released the report card , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 Two day order breakthrough 3000 car , A week's order breakthrough 6000 car .

However , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 The delivery of is not optimistic . According to the retail data of China automobile data terminal , since 5 month 29 Since the date of opening delivery , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 from 5 month -7 Monthly delivery is realized respectively 204 car 、1097 Vehicles and 507 car .

What is the effect of Huawei's empowerment on auto enterprises ? This has been questioned in the industry . Next , BAIC polar fox alpha S Huawei HI The version will be mass produced and delivered in the fourth quarter of this year , Changan Automobile and Huawei 、 A high-end intelligent electric vehicle jointly built by Ningde times is also planned to be launched next year . The future market feedback of these two models , The enabling effect of Huawei will be verified again .




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