Hongguang miniev was besieged, and the micro electric vehicle market opened the "set point" mode?

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hongguang miniev besieged micro electric


First half of this year , At home A00 The sales volume of class a pure electric vehicles exceeds 32 Thousands of cars , Its share in the new energy market has reached 32.5%, More than last year 6.5 percentage . Although subsidies for new energy vehicles have declined sharply in recent years , But it never stopped A00 The growth trend of first-class pure electric vehicles . Does this mean , Micro and small electric vehicles will eventually become the mainstream of the market ?


Automobile enterprises put in intensive investment , When the market welcomes highlights

With Hongguang MINIEV The explosion of , At home A00 The first-class pure electric vehicle market is completely boiling . In the face of strong market demand , Car companies are also stepping up action , Have launched micro and small electric vehicle products . Especially in the recent 8 In the month , Nearly... Appeared in the market 10 New micro and small electric vehicles , Including Sihao E10X、 chery QQ Ice cream 、 baojun KIWI etc. , And we are not so familiar with the brand Redding mango 、 Punk duo and Xinte YOUNG Guang Xiaoxin, etc .

It is worth mentioning that , The main selling range of these models is 10 Within 10000 yuan . The starting price is set at 4 Sihao within 10000 yuan EX10 Considered Hongguang MINIEV A strong competitor of .EX10 It is positioned as a more practical four door four seat model , In addition, relying on the joint venture background between JAC and Volkswagen , Have certain market attraction .
But when it comes to Hongguang MINIEV The most direct opponent , It's estimated that Chery QQ Ice cream . Whether it's the shape of a square box 、 Ultra low pricing is still a marketing strategy dominated by young personality , All with Hongguang MINIEV be of an identical nature .

In fact, as early as Hongguang MINIEV Before the explosion , Chery is relying on little ants in A00 The first-class pure electric vehicle market has occupied a place , Now Chery is pushing an entry-level car , And restart the classic QQ Nomenclature system , It can be said that it has earned enough popularity . It is reported that , chery QQ After the ice cream opens for pre-sale 7 The order volume broke through... In an hour 1 Thousands of cars , As hot as Hongguang MINIEV.

In addition to traditional automobile enterprises , stay A00 In the battle for the first-class pure electric vehicle market , It seems that many strange faces have emerged . Like reading mango , Also with 3 The selling price within 10000 yuan is directly linked to the market hot Hongguang MINIEV. But I have to say , The potential of reading car is still quite promising , The predecessor of the brand is “ Old man music ” Industrial giants , Now Mustang has officially become a regular army . what's more , Relying on the huge market share of low-speed scooters , Reading has a big competitive advantage in the low-cost micro electric vehicle market .

Besides , Punk Duoduo and Qilu, which will be listed in the near future eC1 It is also the latest trend for low-speed electric vehicle enterprises to realize industrial upgrading “ A masterpiece ”. Among them, the punk beauty under punk duotong series is 6 Nearly... Have been delivered since its listing in June 5 Thousands of cars , And Chilu eC1 It has also received more than 1.8 More than 10000 orders .
look , By Hongguang MINIEV The wave of low-cost micro pure electric vehicles has been out of control , The new model is also a hot one .

You bet , You can buy a green car for thirty or forty thousand , Not plagued by licensing restrictions in big cities , The small figure is flexible and convenient , Who touches who is not confused ? and , Experienced a series of Wuling “ Breaking circle ” After marketing , Hong Guang Yi MINIEV As a representative of the A00 Class a pure electric vehicle is no longer the representative of low-end , Instead, it's more like a trendy piece that shows young personality , Popular in the social circles of young people .

The inner circle under the integral policy

without doubt ,A00 The popularity of the first-class pure electric vehicle market is a foregone conclusion , As more and more new models enter the market , The market share of this segment will gradually rise . However ,A00 The first-class pure electric vehicle market has always been regarded as a major obstacle to the development of new energy vehicle industry .
For the market , Agatsuma MINI EV It's a successful model , But for businesses , This is a successful business model .
Although it's hot , But obviously , Agatsuma MINI EV Our profit margin is not high , It may even be a loss making business . In terms of annual report performance ,2020 The revenue of SAIC GM Wuling in 729.27 One hundred million yuan , Net profit attributable to the parent company 1.42 One hundred million yuan , The annual sales volume is 160 Thousands of cars . So calculate it , SAIC GM Wuling's average profit per vehicle is less than 90 element , As for the brand's cheapest Hongguang MINI EV Profit margin , It can also be basically ignored .
However, it is Hongguang that does not make money or even lose money MINI EV, But it has become a sharp tool for SAIC .

stay 《2020 Annual points 》 in , Second only to Tesla and BYD “ Big points ”, It is SAIC GM Wuling , With 44.07 Ten thousand new energy points 、49.35 The 10000 average fuel consumption points rank in 2020 In, the new energy vehicle enterprises ranked third . And the main source of these integrals , Obviously, it is the Hongguang that is booming at present MINI EV.
If you want to count , SAIC GM Wuling can easily earn by trading points alone 3-4 Billion . Making money is small , what's more , The two integral pits of SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM can be regarded as filling , It ensures the stability and prosperity of SAIC in the field of fuel vehicles .
So Hongguang MINI EV This wave of seemingly loss making deals , In essence, it is a stable business .
See Hongguang MINI EV“ Set points ” The success of the model , Add it as A00 Class a pure electric vehicle is becoming famous , Obviously, major car companies will not miss such an opportunity , Follow the example of “ Set points ” Pattern .
And the result will be , China's new energy vehicle market will fall into an inner circle , Car companies are reluctant to invest in high-cost R & D , Instead, he is keen on taking shortcuts 、 Earn fast money , Urge bad money to expel good money , Finally, the point trading system can only become an arbitrage tool . And trading through points , Encourage car companies to upgrade their technology 、 The original intention of expanding and strengthening the new energy vehicle market runs counter to the original intention of the industry .

High end is continuing

Even though A00 Class a pure electric vehicle is favored by the market with various irresistible advantages , But with the rapid increase in the number of low-cost mini cars , The problems behind it continue to breed . For example, the gap in performance conditions often leads to increased traffic congestion pressure ; On the other hand , In order to pursue the ultimate low cost , Significantly reduce the allocation of vehicles , There is a serious lack of active and passive safety , Plus the quality, the body is light ,A00 Class a pure electric vehicle has also become a major safety hazard in road traffic .
obviously , The proliferation of low-end models is not conducive to the healthy development of China's new energy vehicle industry . Once the policy is tightened again , For example, a total restriction on green cards , Further improvement of production standards, etc , At that time, the low-end micro electric vehicle market will completely return to its original shape .
At present, Shanghai has entered an era of differentiated treatment according to price and body length , Limit... By limiting the form of licensing A0 Market share of class a pure electric scooter , It will also further promote the upgrading of mini car consumption .
Of course , With the enhancement of independent innovation consciousness of domestic automobile enterprises in recent years , Most car companies are still very conscious , The era of fishing in troubled waters and making money is clearly gone forever , The high-end of micro electric vehicles is also continuing .

Such as baojun KiWiEV It can be seen as another masterpiece of SAIC GM Wuling to enter the high-end micro electric vehicle market , The pre-sale price is 6.98 Ten thousand yuan -7.88 Ten thousand yuan , A large number of intelligent configurations and active security configurations are added , Plus the appearance design with full sense of science and Technology , Although difficult to copy “ Agatsuma MINI EV The phenomenon ”, But it is also a new choice for the upgrading of mini car consumption .

In addition, the pricing level exceeds 10 BYD dolphin of 10000 yuan level (9.68 ten thousand -12.48 Ten thousand yuan ), With BYD e platform 3.0、“ Blade battery ” And other core technology advantages , It breaks the inherent image of low configuration and low quality of micro electric vehicles . Lay a foundation for coping with the future market consumption upgrading .

From the perspective of Industrial Development ,A00 The first-class pure electric vehicle will not be on fire all the time , As the market share of new energy vehicles continues to grow ,10 ten thousand -20 The 10000 price range is destined to be the mainstay of the future market , If this central strategic area is missing , It will be a very serious problem .
However , In the absence of new restrictions ,A00 The explosion of class a pure electric vehicle will certainly last for a long time , After all, in the eyes of consumers , Price is always the most important consideration when buying a car , Especially for young people , Low price and low threshold A00 Class a pure electric vehicles are really attractive .
Now it seems , Tesla and velai 、 Xiao peng 、 New forces such as ideal have occupied a place in the high-end market of new energy , However, many traditional car companies are still fighting for the low-end car market , Even though “ Set points ” Maybe it's the ultimate goal , But it can only be said that there is not much time left for traditional car enterprises .
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