be well received! Beijing has punished 670000 traffic violations in one year

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received beijing punished traffic violations

recently , As report goes , This year, 8 Beijing traffic police “ Readily take ” The complaint platform is running full online 1 year , Cumulative penalty 67 Ten thousand illegal acts involving traffic violations .

since 2020 year 8 month 5 Japan , Beijing traffic control department developed and launched Beijing traffic police “ Readily take ” Complaint acceptance platform , Since accepting the complaints about motor vehicle traffic violations and signal lights , Citizens actively participate in , The social response is good .

“ Readily take ” Since the function went online , Registered users 115 ten thousand , All kinds of complaint clues have been received in total 233 Ten thousand , The maximum number of clues received in a single day is 1.2 All the .

at present , The platform has been to 67 Ten thousand cases meet the requirements of evidence 、 Complaint clues forming a complete chain of evidence , It shall be recorded into the off-site law enforcement system of the traffic control department according to law and punished . in addition , Further investigation by the traffic control department 、 The illegal acts of carrying out verification and evidence collection one by one , Cumulative punishment according to law 7055 rise . among , Involving the forgery and alteration of number plates 、 Serious violations such as Deck Cards 2860 rise , detention 83 people .

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