The public don't want "dignity"! It fell to 151900, with a fuel consumption of 5.8l, which will kill accord and Camry sooner or later

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public don want dignity fell

As the benchmark of the first brand of the joint venture , Now in the market, it also depends on “ The price ” To maintain his big brother's situation .

We all know , Among many joint venture car enterprises , The public has always been a leader in the level of existence , No matter what SUV The field is still the car field , The voice of Volkswagen models is still very heavy , But in recent years “ With reduction ” Influence , Volkswagen models have a bad reputation in the market , So in order to stabilize the market situation , The price reduction of Volkswagen models is still considerable .

Although the position of the public is still irreplaceable , however “ Zhongbao Research Institute ” The test still had a great impact on all Volkswagen models , Many people's trust in Volkswagen models has also decreased , So in the past two years, the public has been playing “ The price war ”, Take the maiteng car we want to talk about today , At present, the decline of new cars in the market is relatively large , The starting price of new cars fell to 15.19 All the , For a classic intermediate model , It is already very sincere .

Now on the market , The new maiteng is falling to 15.19 After all , Almost very little profit , For many home consumers , Absolutely cost-effective . First of all, from the overall appearance design of this car , The upper and lower layered front grille of the new car has great impact , At the same time, all new cars are equipped as standard LED Daytime running lights and LED Far and near lights , After lighting up, it still has a very good visual effect , At the same time, the fluent waist line on the side of the whole vehicle is also dynamic , The large wheel hub under the aluminum alloy is very exquisite , I still do well in appearance .

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