The new generation of super collector drive was released, and the first strategic model c385 of Chang'an appeared

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new generation super collector drive

2021 year 8 month 24 Japan , Changan Automobile Co., Ltd “ Open and win-win Integration and innovation ” The science and technology ecology conference was held grandly . It was released at the meeting “ New car New ecology ” New strategy , Comprehensively present the future development blueprint of Chang'an Automobile and the determination of transformation and high-quality development , More bright “ A new generation of super collector drive ” Focus on a number of heavyweights “ Black science and technology ” results , The first strategic model in the field of Chang'an Automobile and tram C385 Also amazing debut . The event also witnessed the world's first -30℃ High frequency pulse heating challenge and success .

A new generation of super collector drive , Redefine new energy efficiency

At present, the automobile industry is in a great change that has not been seen in a century ,“ Double carbon ” The strategy accelerates the transformation of the automobile industry to new energy . Changan Automobile takes the initiative to take on and lead the development of new energy automobile industry , Be dedicated to “ The leader of the era of digital electric vehicle popularization ”, Promote industrial development with technological innovation , Continue to pursue more efficient evolution .

Throughout human history, science and technology have had a great impact , All pursue function 、 performance 、 Deep integration and integration of structures . From three in one to seven in one , Changan Automobile continues to innovate on the deep integration route , Constantly explore the limits of Technology . Through new materials 、 New technology 、 Deep integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence , The new generation of super electric drive in Chang'an integrates multiple functions , Create an ultra efficient electric drive system , It represents the development trend of technology integration .

The new generation of super collector drive in Chang'an has “ Deep integration ” and “ Super efficient ” Two characteristics , Realized “ Industry ultra high efficiency of electric drive assembly ” and “ The world's first electric drive high frequency pulse heating technology ” Two major technological breakthroughs . In improving industrial efficiency , Changan new generation super collector drive innovation power system design , Through the combination of two electric drives and super materials , Developed 450V and 800V Two series products , covering 240V-800V Ultra wide voltage range coverage , The maximum can satisfy 400-1000km Extra wide mileage demand , Greatly reduces the cell size , Enable the new energy industry to be efficient 、 Healthy development .

In optimizing product efficiency , The new generation of super collector drive in Chang'an has adopted a number of advanced technologies and independently developed efficient control software , Minimize mechanical and electromagnetic losses , The overall loss decreased by about 1/3, The highest efficiency of the electric drive system assembly has broken through 95%, The average efficiency under working conditions exceeds 90%. And can realize single vehicle 10 year 30 Carbon emissions in the whole life cycle of 10000 km will be reduced by about 2 Tons of .

In terms of improving user efficiency , The new generation of super collector drive in Chang'an has passed the first high-frequency pulse heating technology of electric drive in the world , The high-speed heating of lithium battery at ultra-low temperature is realized , Can be found in -30℃ In the environment 5 Minutes heating 20℃, Quickly improve battery charging and discharging efficiency and charging and discharging performance . At the same time, with the help of electric drive waste heat recovery technology , Effectively improve the range at low temperature in winter 40-70km.

To verify that at low temperature , The battery heating efficiency is improved by the high frequency pulse heating technology of super collector drive , The activity site is connected to the extreme cold Laboratory of Chang'an Automobile global R & D center , For the first time in the world -30℃ High frequency pulse heating challenge , Use in extreme cold 5 Minutes to remove the battery from -30°C Heat to -10°C above , And succeed .

The first strategic model was unveiled , Amazing shape, full of expectations

Outside the technical route leading industry innovation , Chang'an Automobile also continues to make efforts in the whole vehicle construction , Continuous innovation . As “ shangri-la ” The latest achievements of the steady progress of the plan , The first strategic model of Changan Automobile's new special electric platform C385 It also appeared at the science and technology ecological Conference , With the appearance of multi-dimensional evolution 、 Technology 、 service , Attract a lot of attention .

changan C385 Integrating many years of experience in car manufacturing of Chang'an Automobile 、 Technology precipitates in one , Realize the multi-dimensional evolution of automobile value . appearance , changan C385 Adopt the sliding back shape loved by young people today , Integrate a lot of Technology 、 Sports design elements , Cooperate with the hidden door handle with a sense of technology and luxury 、 Panoramic skylight with wide view 、 A penetrating tail lamp with a sharp edge 、 And sharp and decisive side lines , Realize the overall evolution of appearance value , The whole vehicle is like a new species of the future walking through the time tunnel .

In terms of technology configuration , changan C385 With the world's first APA7.0 Remote valet parking system , Intelligent technology with continuous iterative upgrading , Built for users “ Come as soon as you call , Swing away ” Exclusive parking lot “ Private driving ” meanwhile , A new generation of super collector drive will also be in Chang'an C385 First time on board , Help the overall improvement of vehicle performance and low-temperature endurance , Achieve real full scene coverage .

While continuously meeting the diversified needs of users , changan C385 It has also achieved comprehensive evolution in services , Through the luxurious private butler service tailored for users , Open more intelligent for the future 、 More secure 、 More convenient green travel .

As a strong competitor in the field of passenger cars , Chang'an Automobile opened a new Bureau in the changing situation , Keen insight into the development trend of new cars , Actively embrace new ecology , Based on the new car track , Make every effort to promote new energy “ shangri-la ” plan , Actively build and open up global leadership 、 Product layout with multiple scenarios and extreme experience for customers , Unswervingly move forward to the world's first-class automobile enterprise , Create security for users 、 Environmental protection 、 Intelligent products and excellent services , Create a better travel experience .

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