Who better understands consumers than the 250000 SUV ankway plus or the new Tiguan l

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better understands consumers suv ankway

Compact type SUV It is a model that has been discussed warmly recently ,SUV The popularity of the market is an indisputable fact . Leon coldwell Plus The listing of brought 5 Seat and 7 Models with two seat layouts ;2022 Kuan Xin Tu Guan L Also listed not long ago , Change the previous full style , The new car is more sporty 、 More three-dimensional shape . The prices of the two are similar , And the cost performance is getting higher and higher .

Enkewei series and Tiguan series are joint ventures SUV Benchmark models in the market . Leon coldwell Plus The official price is 22.99-27.39 Ten thousand yuan , New Tiguan L The official price is 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan . This time, let's analyze what upgrades have been made to the two star car lines .

Design aspect , Both designs are mature and steady . Overall comparison , Leon coldwell Plus More noble and elegant , Business atmosphere is stronger ; New Tiguan L Then it moves , Want to circle more young consumers . Buick's front face adopts the latest family design language , The transverse chrome strip connects the daytime running lights on both sides as a whole , With thin chrome plated grille , distinct , Domineering, calm and exquisite , The unique shape of the front bar, plus both sides L The embellishment of the V-shaped trim adds to the sportiness of the whole vehicle . New Tiguan L The appearance design is more sporty than the previous generation , The overall shape is more inward , The front face design can still feel a strong public flavor , Transverse chrome trim and IQ.Light The combination of matrix headlights reflects a sense of power and fashion .

Leon coldwell Plus The side of the car body feels heavy 、 grace , The overall line is more relaxed ; New Tiguan L The side is dynamic 、 Lithe , Inherited the style of German car sports design . Leon coldwell Plus The length, width and height are respectively 4845/1883/1695mm, The wheelbase is 2833mm; New Tiguan L The length, width and height are respectively 4735/1859/1677mm, The wheelbase is 2791mm. Because of ankoway Plus Yes 7 A version , Therefore, the performance of body size is better than that of the new Tiguan L, The wheelbase is also longer , If there are more family members , Leon coldwell Plus Of 7 This version is well worth choosing , The third row of daily travel is very practical as an emergency .

One is an American car , One is a German car , The interior design is quite different . Leon coldwell Plus Piano paint baking panels are widely used in the interior , Show American luxury ; The central control screen and some physical buttons are biased towards the driver's seat , It breaks the usual symmetrical design style, but it is more practical , It is convenient for the driver to operate during driving , Improved travel safety . New Tiguan L Compared with the old model, the interior of the car has been greatly changed , The central control panel is changed from embedded to suspended design , The whole line is straight 、 Square shape 、 Unique style .

motivation , These two models are more recommended. The naked car price is 25 A version of about 10000 yuan , Ankoway Plus 625T Five seat luxury version and new Tiguan L 330TSI Two flooding R-Line Flagship Edition , The power is enough . It's not very cost-effective to buy a higher configuration , Because if the price goes up again, you can get the image of tuang 、 Angke banner 、 Larger models like explorers .

Leon coldwell Plus 625T The five seat luxury version is equipped with 2.0T The engine +48V Light hybrid power system , The most powerful 174kW, Maximum torque 350N·m, matching 9AT transmission , Shift smoothly , High driving stability . New Tiguan L 330TSI Automatic two drive R-Line The flagship version is equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 137kW, Maximum torque 320N·m, matching 7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

configuration , Like parallel assist 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Active brake system 、360° Panoramic image and other intelligent safe driving assistance systems are equipped for both models . Panoramic sunroof 、 Keyless entry 、 Steering wheel heating 、 Leather seats 、 Seat heating 、CarPlay and CarLife The practical configuration of has also fallen .

At the end

Leon coldwell Plus And the newly listed new way view L Are good joint ventures SUV models , Leon coldwell Plus The body size is larger and has 7 The seat version can be selected , More horsepower ,9AT There is no doubt about the ride comfort brought by the gearbox . New Tiguan L New design language is adopted for the appearance and interior of the , More sporty appearance , More refined interior . As a household SUV, Both are good choices . If you want a car with large space, choose oncoway Plus; If you want a younger sports car , So new Tiguan L Would be a good choice .

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