Is Zhao Liying difficult to get along with? Which guest does Huang Xiaoming hate most?

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zhao liying difficult guest huang

preface : Hunan Satellite TV reality show 《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 It's on the air , The operation of Changsha station is over ,5 A permanent guest, Huang Xiaoming 、 quiet 、 Ding Zhen 、 Zhou also 、 Anna and Yao 1 The relationship between Gong Jun, a flying guest, is getting more and more harmonious , When we get together, we will tell the truth .

Tranquility has always been curious , Why did Huang Xiaoming participate in 5 season 《 Chinese Restaurant 》( The second season is flying guests ). Although Huang Xiaoming has said many times “《 Chinese Restaurant 》 It's the most tiring program he's ever recorded ”, But for the sake of life , Huang Xiaoming still endured . Jing Jing asks Huang Xiaoming : Previous guests , Have you tortured Huang Xiaoming ?

Huang Xiaoming said at the beginning “ Yes ”, Tranquility immediately put out a picture “ Eat the melon ” The appearance of . Huang Xiaoming immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing , Just added “ Torture each other ”. Quiet asks Huang Xiaoming :“ Are there any guests you don't like ?” Huang Xiaoming said :“ It's all pretty good !” Quiet or not give up , Another question :“ Meet a guest you don't like , What will happen to you ?”

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