Netizens ran into Christy Chung for filming. Her face without repairing the picture was stiff, unreal and unnatural!

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netizens ran christy chung filming.

Christy Chung's is really not as good-looking as the photos on the Internet , No pictures to fix , It looks very beautiful , The whole person feels elegant and generous ! But to be honest , If you don't fix the drawing , The whole person will look older , There will be more wrinkles on your face , In fact, many stars are also like her. After repairing the pictures, they will look particularly beautiful , But if you don't fix the picture , The face is that kind of very vicissitudes of life , It's not natural at all .

Netizens ran into Christy Chung's face without fixing the picture , It looks really stiff , And the old one is very unreal , Because the photos she usually puts out are very good-looking , There are no wrinkles on your face at all .

But it doesn't look like it , The whole person will look old , Show your original appearance. Look , But it's really not beautiful at all , It's obvious that she's getting older now , So the state of the face is not so good .

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