Han Xiaoyi's participation in the film "flowers in the dust" sends birthday wishes to Director Chen Kaige

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han xiaoyi participation film flowers

In recent days, , New actor Han Xiaoyi's Retro portrait was pleasantly exposed , Slightly curly, fluffy brown hair, deep eyes, handsome facial features , The draped shirt creates a lazy feel , The relaxed and comfortable performance in front of the camera is impressive .

Han Xiaoyi 2000 Born in Beijing in , height 188cm, It's a real Beijing boy , Not only has a superior shape , Sports are also good . Besides being good at baseball 、 Hockey 、 swimming 、 Tai Chi and other sports , As a former national first-class athlete, he also won the individual and team champion of Liaoning sword championship .

Bright appearance 、 Han Xiaoya, who loves sports, is in 2020 In, he participated in the work directed by director Chen Kaige 《 Blossom in the dust 》( Other translations : My youth ), The film tells the story of several teenagers working hard in their growing years 、 The story of fighting with fate . In the film, Han Xiaoyao plays the role of Chen Beijiang , With actor Liu Haoran 、 Chen Feiyu 、 Zhang Xueying 、 Wen Qi and others completed the shooting task together . It is reported that , The film employs a large number of young actors , I trained intensively before shooting 6 Months , Nearly half a year's collective life , Not only let the actors better integrate into the role , Also let these young actors make a deep friendship .8 month 12 Japan , Han Xiaoyi took a group photo with Director Chen Kaige on her microblog , And happy essay :“ Send a birthday wish to Director Chen , Also looking forward to our film !”

at present , It can be seen from the transillumination of the network road 《 Blossom in the dust 》 The actor's modeling and story background have a sense of time , People can't help looking forward to Han Xiaoya's wonderful performance in this youth reality film .

It is worth mentioning that , New actor Han Xiaoyi recently signed a contract with Tianjin intelligent Tiger Crane New Technology Development Co., Ltd , The company was founded in 2020 year , In the identification of artists 、 To cultivate 、 We have rich experience and mature management team in all-round packaging and marketing , Since its establishment, it has signed and trained a number of young artists .

a young spark , Future period ! Let's look forward to the new actor Han Xiaoya galloping freely in the light and shadow !

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