The maximum discount is 50000 yuan, starting from 69900 yuan. Is the appearance of yinglang avant-garde and lovable?

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maximum discount yuan starting yuan.

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced Yinglang's preferential market in the region : At present, yinglang has the highest discount for car purchase 5 Ten thousand yuan ,6.99 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of yinglang . aesthetic , The overall shape of Buick yinglang continues the Buick family design language , The front face adopts a flat shield front grille , The interior is equipped with flying wing chrome decoration , It looks very recognizable . In fact, the side of the model does not use too much design , Big V Word shaped waistline , With a touch of movement and fluency . The rear and side of the model are the same , It looks like a glass of boiled water , bland . But like the headlights , Its tail light is relatively bright , It makes us feel very clean and thorough . interiors , Yinglang's design is also very general , Nothing particularly eye-catching , But it's not like the Japanese system 、 Korean cars are so cheap , The wrapping feeling of the whole center console is quite prominent , The panel material is soft plastic lining material , The seam treatment is very solid , And a small amount of chrome plated trim is added to decorate , The sense of refinement has been improved , The LCD central control screen is relatively small , The information displayed on the instrument panel is very clear , The seats are wrapped in imitation leather . Yinglang owns 1.5 L four cylinder self-priming engine and 1.3t+48v Light mix two different power systems ,83kw/120kw Are the maximum power of the engine , The maximum torque is 141nm and 230nm, Full system carrying 6 Self - contained gearbox , The hybrid car has 5.3 Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers per liter . configuration , The new car is equipped with four-wheel suspension 、 Air bag of driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Front side balloon 、 Tire pressure display 、ABS Antilock 、EBD Braking force distribution 、ESP Body stability control 、 Cruise control 、 Engine start and stop 、 Heat up the outer rearview mirror 、 Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror 、 Rear seat air conditioning outlet 、 In vehicle PM2.5 Filtering device, etc , Relatively rich configuration .

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