Dukadi party, the car prices are more than 6 digits, generally in red, but two are pink and blue

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dukadi party car prices digits

Hello everyone , Welcome to , There will be different content here every day , Freshest 、 The hottest car events will be presented here , The hot content of this issue is : Beijing Ducati party , The car prices are all over 6 digit , It's generally red , There is only 2 The stage is pink and blue : Ducati series motorcycles , It's generally red, with a high return rate , But it doesn't rule out that some Ducati owners will apply film to their cars later , To change the body color of Ducati , Like pink or black Ducati .

​ lately , A Ducati party in Beijing , The car prices are all over 6 digit , It's generally red , There is only 2 The stage is pink and blue . It is reported that , This batch of Ducati are all Ducati series motorcycles , The car body 2 Wheel design , Before and after 17 Inch wheels , Bring their own ABS System , The aerodynamic principle of the body is excellent , The electric control equipment in the car is rich . This batch of Ducati are equipped with naturally aspirated engines , 100km acceleration 3 It can be completed in about seconds , Powerful , The car also has a full LCD dashboard , Highlight the force .

Such a group of Ducati parties , Every car is worth a lot , Among them are 2 The color of the trolley is different .

original , One of the Ducati in this batch is cherry powder , From this color alone, we can see that there is a high probability that the car owner is a woman , Another one is blue Ducati , This color is rare . For this kind of situation in the article , What do you think of those who love cars and motorcycles , Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below to tell me .

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