Dodge electric performance vehicle will debut in 0.2 seconds next year

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dodge electric performance vehicle debut

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Beijing time. 8 month 26 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , To create V8 Dodge, an American car brand famous for muscle cars, will be in 2022 A pure electric concept car was released in . There is no more news about the car at present , But according to foreign media articles , This new dodge pure electric concept car may integrate a large number of elements and power performance of typical dodge models .

Dodge also promised to be in 2022 A plug-in hybrid model was released in , And in 2024 There will be a pure electric model on the market years ago , The latter may come from the pure electric concept model released next year . According to previous automotive media 《Drive》 Reports of , The Dodge pure electric model may be equipped with two vehicles with a power of 330kW The motor of , This makes the car 0-100km/h The shortest time is only 2.0 second . If the above data is accurate , Then the car will become the fastest mass production model on the market so far .

As Stellantis Sub brands of the group , Dodge is in the process of transforming to a zero emission powertrain , Access to four electric platforms within the group . Although the brand has not confirmed that it will release a series of electric vehicles , But it is almost certain that a dodge Electric will be launched in the future SUV. Under the electric transformation of global automobile brands , Even the once American muscle car brand can not be spared from making pure electric models .

It is worth mentioning that , Ford's classic sports car brand Mustang, As early as 2019 A new all electric model was launched in Mach-E. As the first pure electric product after electric transformation , It is also the first crossover model ,Mach-E Once appeared, it attracted much attention . And now this one Mustang Mach-E It has also been localized , It is affectionately called “ Electric horse ”, The competitive target is Tesla Model Y. Although inherited Mustang A lot of classic elements , However, there is still a big gap with Tesla in sales .

Edit comment on : The feeling of muscle car is put on the electric car , Even if you use “ Do wonders vigorously ” High power motor , There is still no muscle car “ soul ”. The best way is to make a pure electric model with non-traditional shape , Like Harley LiveWire, Create a unique new market .

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