Join hands with Renault to create a new Mercedes Benz citan / citan tour official map release

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join hands renault create new

recently , Mercedes - Mercedes Benz officially released its 2022 A Mercedes - Mercedes Citan/Citan Tourer Model official map . New car by Mercedes - Mercedes Benz and Renault work together to build , Both freight and passenger versions will be provided , And will be in 2022 The pure electric version was launched in .

Mercedes - Mercedes Citan

Mercedes - Mercedes Citan Tourer From the outside , The new car uses a new family design language , More fashionable than older models 、 young . The specific term , The front face of the car has been redesigned , A new banner type forward air grille has been installed , The spokes of China open changed from single layer to double layer , It looks more refined . meanwhile , The style of headlights on both sides has also been adjusted , Add more fashion and sports flavor to the vehicle . meanwhile , The front surround style of the new car is also new , Under the blessing of the penetrating black trim panel, it looks full of momentum .

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