BMW's new X3 m thunder overseas live shooting takes into account both practicality and performance

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bmw new x3 thunder overseas

In recent days, , Overseas media exposed a group of new BMW models X3 M Real pictures of thunder version . It is reported that , The car has been listed all over the world , Pick up a 3.0 L twin turbo engine .

aesthetic ,X3 M Thunder version basically continues BMW in shape design X3 Design style of , But as the top performance version of the whole vehicle line , The new car is decorated with many sports kits . The front part is still equipped with a large black air inlet grille , Internal joined M Model specific logo , Laser headlamp sets will also be provided on both sides .

The new car is equipped with large sports wheels and sports tires with low flat ratio on the side , Compared with ordinary models, it has stronger visual impact . Besides , The rear part of the new car also adds a wider rear surround and a fighting bilateral four outlet exhaust system . interiors , The new car will also continue BMW's latest interior design language , It will also be equipped with M Model specific steering wheel , Join in M1、M2 Driving mode fast switching button . Besides , The car is also equipped with full LCD instrument and central control screen . motivation , The new car will carry a 3.0T Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum power accessible 353kW, The maximum power of the thunder model can reach 375kW, The peak torque is 600N·m, The driveline will match 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And equipped with xDrive All-wheel-drive system .

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