2.0T + 8AT Basic Edition Jiahua tentative vehicle price of 350000 yuan? Misunderstood

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2.0t 8at basic edition jiahua

Kia Ka Wah is very popular in overseas markets , Especially in North America , And Toyota Saina 、 Djelon is of the same type MPV. The domestic market changes with the family population structure , And the change of car concept , household MPV Become increasingly hot . We all know the domestic news of Toyota Saina , Kia Jiahua will also be handed over to Dongfeng Yueda Kia . A picture spread on the Internet recently , It seems that the price information of Kia Jiahua disclosed in advance , But the authenticity and accuracy need to be verified .

The specific term , As can be seen from the picture, this seems to be an email to the dealer . The theme is “ About the fourth generation Jiahua display car 、 Notice of test drive departure ”. The content is roughly 9 Jiahua... Was launched in mid June , Work related to vehicle exhibition and test drive departure . Limited supply of test drive vehicles 300 home DLR, The exhibition car is all DLR,DLR It should be English dealer, That is what the dealer means . In addition, from the perspective of commodity information , The exhibition car and test drive are 35 Ten thousand yuan , But you can get a 20% discount on the test drive , That is to say 28 Ten thousand yuan . And about the show car 、 Configuration of test drive , Is not 2.0T Basic . You can see that the style column says TOP, According to Kia's past practice ,TOP It refers to the top model . Some netizens think this is 35 Ten thousand yuan refers to the selling price of the real car , It should be a misunderstanding . This price is the price that dealers pay for exhibition cars and test drives , After the price is officially announced, more refunds and less compensation . It has little to do with our ordinary consumers . And this is the top model , We speculate that Jiahua's low configuration model will be in 20-25 Ten thousand yuan range .

The appearance of Jiahua is very distinctive , The misaligned geometric pattern of the headlight group on the front face looks very futuristic , Plus the staggered layout of China open diamond , The atmospheric level is the highest in the same level . And from the side of the car ,B The area behind the pillar is very large, accounting for more than half of the body length , It indicates that Jiahua is against the second row 、 The care in the third row is very adequate . The side sliding door is not designed as a hidden track , But it doesn't look too abrupt , Add the top luggage rack 、C Column silver trim 、 Tail lights extending to the side , The temperament is very good .

The design of connected screen is still the mainstream , The size should not be too small , It should be two pieces 10-12.3 Inch screen . At the bottom of the screen is an air conditioning outlet running through the whole central control , Split the centre console into upper and lower parts . The size of the steering wheel is moderate , Comfortable grip , Multi function keys , It's mainstream design .

The second and third rows are still like Jiahua MPV Key points of , There must be no shortage of independent seats , Jiahua's second row should be equipped with leg supports 、 Electric regulation and other functions , Keep pace with modern kustu . There is no need to worry about the third row and rear compartment space , After all, this is a model that has been sold in North America for so many years , With Lao Mei's character , The car is not big .

Jiahua made in China 2.0T+8AT I think I haven't run away , As for whether it will be launched like Cousteau 1.5T models , It's not clear yet . It may be a high-low collocation , Jiahua is positioned slightly higher end than kustui . Of course, more information will not be known until it is released .GO Che Jun comments : Jiahua has performed well overseas , It's not too late to enter the country , But playing against Saina will form a positive competition , So how it performs remains to be verified . In terms of current information , Jiahua's selling price will not be as outrageous as it is spread on the Internet , But it won't be very low , It should be the flagship model of Kia in China .

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