Honda Civic did not enter the top 20 of the sales list in July. The reason is not only the lack of core, but the new civic will turn over sooner or later

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honda civic enter sales list

stay 2021 year 7 In the monthly car sales list , We didn't see The figure of Honda Civic , And still before 20 A list of , The key is the Xuanyi Carola with him , Are firmly on the list , Xuanyi first , Carola second , This makes people very sad , When things go out of whack, they will , What on earth is this ?

Need to know , Civic has always been a regular on the monthly sales list , And it's TOP 10 Club members , Even now the three cylinder version , Nor does it affect the sales of civic in the slightest . But this year 4 month , sold 2 More than 10000 sets , Since then , Sales fell in a waterfall ,5 Month and 6 Months are only 4000 platform ,7 The month is a little better , Reached near 8 One thousand units , But it didn't enter the top of the sales list 20, This is an incredible thing for Civic , After all, the product power of civic is here .

Blackened transverse grille , Abandoned chrome decoration , Greet people with a big mouth , Very powerful . The double waistline is more angular , The tail design is also very dynamic , The interior design is like a racing car , The sporty quality of factory modification , It is undoubtedly the first choice for young people , Because only such an appearance , To release their hormones , And power , Honda is beyond doubt , Surrender . So why such a divine product , Suddenly fell to the altar ? There are two hidden worries behind it .

The first is only for the civic car , It will usher in a new generation . The eleventh generation Civic , Will be in 9 month 24 Meet you today . The whole new car will become relatively mediocre , There is no more sense of movement of ten generations in the shape , On the interior , A lot of honeycomb design is a highlight , Power on , Top equipped with 1.5 L turbocharged four cylinder engine , The medium configuration and low configuration use the familiar 2.0 L naturally aspirated four cylinder engine . It can be said that there is no special surprise , But how exactly , It also depends on the performance after listing .

The second reason is the whole Honda problem , Civic is only one of the models that has a joint impact , Like Ling School 、 Accord and others are deeply affected , That is, Honda is seriously short of core ,3 In June, Honda announced that some factories in North America would be shut down for a week ; Some factories in Japan started in 5 Partial shutdown in June , The domestic market , Honda 、 Nissan's sales in China also declined in varying degrees due to the shortage of chips ,7 Monthly sales have fallen 20.9%.

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