China open is like a spindle grid, and the new scenery 580 will be unveiled at Chengdu auto show

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china open spindle grid new

In the near future , Xuche review learned from relevant channels , New scenery 580 Will appear at Chengdu auto show . The new car adopts large-size air inlet grille , A hundred birds and a Phoenix The design of gathering potential to take off , Based on the shape of the bird's wing , Lively and lovely , The internal network is treated with fumigation , The grille is connected with the lamp groups on both sides , Throughout “ The skyline ” Day light , The fog lamp is decorated in red , Front face uses “FENGON” Alphabetic logo , Their identity , Suspended roof on the side , A rising waistline , The tail adopts “ The wild goose returns ” Through taillights , When lit, it shows “ people ” Glyph or “ One ” Glyph flow effect , The new car adopts multi width aluminum alloy rim , Bilateral double outlet exhaust layout .

It is expected to adopt a layout of three rows and seven seats , The new car is expected to be equipped with 7 Inch suspended central control screen 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Multi-function steering wheel 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Keyless entry 、 Start the system 、 Air conditioner 、 Intelligent voice control system 、 Navigation 、 Entertainment system 、 Tire pressure monitoring system 、 Reversing image 、 Uphill assist system 、 Brake assist system 、 Traction control system 、 Body stability control system .

The new car is equipped with a new 1.5TGDI Miller cycle engine , The most powerful 135 kw , Peak torque 300 cattle · rice , Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 7 l .

source : Xu Che Ping

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