Subaru doesn't need the Chinese market? Or does the Chinese market not need Subaru?

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subaru doesn chinese market chinese

China's auto market has a large capacity , Large enough to allow some auto companies to accumulate annual sales of up to 400 More than , Make a lot of money ; But that doesn't mean , China's auto market will accept all brand models according to the order . Models and brands that do not meet the tastes of Chinese people , Naturally, there will be delisting risk . Suzuki and Renault , Is the most real case .

Except for brands that have been delisted , The survival status of some minority brands in China is not optimistic . In the past 2020 year , Subaru has sold... In China 2.5 Thousands of cars . This sales achievement , It's not even as good as the monthly sales of single models of some brands . Inversely proportional to sales , But it is the continued high enthusiasm of car fans for Subaru . stay BRZ After the launch of the model , The voice about Subaru has always been high , But this is limited to BRZ A model .

In some areas of our country, the implementation of national six B After the emission policy , Subaru's only popular model has also been dealt a fatal blow , Because of the new BRZ At present, only six countries are satisfied A discharge . It means ,BRZ In some areas, you can't get a license at all , This undoubtedly poured cold water on the fans . This is not the first time Subaru has poured cold water on consumers , When sales continue to decline , Sparu did not give a positive response , But always keep in your own rhythm .

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