The 2021 BMW 5 series comes to the store with black coating, high-grade and generous, luxurious interior and strong explosive power of 2.0T

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bmw series comes store black

At present, the competition in the domestic luxury medium and large car market is relatively fierce , Many automobile manufacturers are making efforts in the market , BMW 5 It is a very powerful luxury medium and large car , After the car entered the market, its performance was relatively ideal , The overall competitiveness remains very good . Indeed, at present, there are many powerful models in the luxury medium and large car market , BMW 5 The Department has received high attention , At present, the terminal still has a certain cash discount , Today's good car recommendation is :2021 BMW 5 system .

2021 BMW 5 The appearance design of the Department is full of high-level feeling , The design of double kidney air inlet grille is relatively generous , And decorated with bright silver trim , The style of the headlight set is very exquisite , The inner lens is quite wide , And a clear sense of hierarchy , The visual impact after lighting is good . The air inlets on both sides are wide and decent , The perimeter is decorated with prominent lines , The air intakes in the middle and on both sides perfectly echo , The recognition of the front face is relatively high .

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