The maximum discount is 4000 yuan, starting from 95800 yuan. Elantra has a sharp front face and strong lines?

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maximum discount yuan starting yuan.

A car dealer in Yangjiang recently announced Elantra's favorable market in the region : At present, Elantra has the highest discount for car purchase 0.4 ten thousand ,9.58 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Elantra's basic situation . The whole front is flattened , There is a visual sense of wide body sedan running , Very beautiful . The shape of the air inlet grille is very particular , According to the official introduction , The design of the seventh generation Elantra's China open is inspired by the original lines of minerals , So it will form a wedge element like a broken drill , Make China open look recognizable , At the same time, there is no lack of sense of design . Besides , The area of the air inlet grille is large enough , Plus the irregular trim strip with blackening treatment , It will create a strong sense of movement . The body size is also designed according to the standard of household vehicles , What's more, Hyundai also designed a two-color splicing body structure for this car , And embellish the side waist line with obvious three-dimensional feeling on the side of the body , These design elements are stacked together , The sense of motion presented by the body is sublimated . The rear of the car looks much thicker than the front face , But the sense of hierarchy is still very rich , The through tail light is very appropriate to the current popular elements , The overall cutting feeling is still quite strong , It is believed that the recognition degree appearing on the street will not be low , The scattered layout makes the whole tail appear orderly , The sports elements that the whole body wants to shape are not lost . Compared to the radical look , The interior is a little flat , Duplex screen + Moving the steering wheel + Design of enclosed cockpit , The overall collocation is still a younger style , However, the allocation of science and technology still follows the development of the times , The screen display effect is very clear , Touch operation feedback is fast , What smart phones can do , It can also be basically realized on the central control screen . In terms of motivation , The new car is equipped with 1.5L + CVT Stepless gearbox and 1.4T The engine + 7 Two combinations of two speed dual clutches , For consumers to choose . 1.5L Is Elantra's main driving force , It is also the power combination that consumers choose the most . The price advantage is also more obvious . The latter 1.4T The maximum power of the engine is 103kW, Peak torque is 211N·m. If you have specific requirements for power supply , You might as well check 1.4T edition . In order to meet the needs of more consumers , The new car is also equipped with a shift lever and three driving modes , To enhance better driving needs and fun . The high configuration model is equipped with full LCD instrument , It shows that the interior is richer and has a sense of science and Technology , There is still room for improvement in interface and border design . The top model is equipped with 360 Degree panoramic image , Improved parking convenience . Common lights 、 The driving auxiliary light button is on the left side of the bridge , The details are exquisite , The electronic handle is exquisitely made , Excellent feel .

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