In terms of household use, the average car can't compare! 5000 a month, take it quickly! Song Pro vs vision x6

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terms household use average car

SUV It is a hot field in recent years , There are many competitive models here . The next recommended song Pro And vision X6 Both models , They are all SUV. Are these two cars mules or horses , Let's take a look at their actual performance .

models : Byd's song Pro 2019 paragraph 1.5T Double clutch elite type

The guided :9.98 Ten thousand yuan

The song dynasty Pro 2019 paragraph 1.5T The double clutch elite front looks very fashionable , The grid uses a polygonal design , Add silver trim , It looks very design , The style is unique . The headlight presents a profound design style , Standard configuration LED Distance light .

The rear side , The song dynasty Pro Use full lines , Showing a strong sense of strength and movement . Exhaust layout , The car uses a hidden design , With the fashionable blackened tail lamp , Make the straight style of the rear of the car echo with the front face .

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