A car that rejects men. It's very Euler

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car rejects men. men euler

When you start to make complaints about the women's cars are too feminine , First, reflect on yourself , I don't know enough about Euler brand . They have a saying slogan: Car brands that love women more ! Maybe it translates into …… Man, step aside ~ Next, Euler will launch a new car , Like a good cat, I take the retro route , She's the lightning cat , It was officially unveiled at the Shanghai auto show in the first half of the year . According to the previous news , Flash cat will start pre-sale this year ,2022 Officially put into production in the second quarter of .​

before , Euler lightning cat has released a new paint color —— Ice powder drill , A woman looked at her heart , The man saw the color of tears …… It is worth mentioning that the ice powder diamond was not made by Euler himself , It's about creating sparks with users 、 originality . Brother Qing guessed boldly , The majority of users in this user co creation are women ~

Put aside the ice powder drill , The design of Euler lightning cat is also quite topical , Whether it looks good or not depends on personal Aesthetics . Take the retro route , There are also some familiar shadows , Just like the front of the car is very Porsche . One of the reasons for this , Yes, this car is operated by a former Porsche designer ! The lines of the whole vehicle are quite smooth and stretch , Slip back can be used to describe , Free and easy . Except for the big back , Lightning cats have rimless doors , The temperament of four door sedan running is so tight . It is worth noting that the rearview mirror , By the time of real mass production, maybe we will change back to the traditional rearview mirror ?​

Get in the car , Triple barrel instrument is designed in today's all liquid crystal instrument , Increasingly precious . Appear on the lightning cat , Must be to keep up with retro keywords . The central control part consists of two screens , The central layout is very beautiful !

Power system , Lightning cat will be equipped with dual motor 4WD system , The specific parameters are not known yet . in addition , The new car will also be equipped with the latest intelligent driving assistance system of Great Wall .

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