out of the ordinary! Again! You don't have to worry about raising it with a monthly salary of 5000! Domestic 80000 yuan affordable and easy to use Qin vs vision x6

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ordinary don worry raising monthly

Want a comfortable driving experience , In fact, it has a certain relationship with all aspects of the vehicle . The next two cars are 5 A model , Qin and Yuanjing X6, I wonder if they suit your appetite ? Next, let's take a look at them .

models : Biadiqin 2019 paragraph 1.5L Manual luxury

The guided :7.19 Ten thousand yuan

The qin dynasty 2019 paragraph 1.5L The manual luxury front face gives a very sharp feeling , With banner grille , Let it get a good improvement in the sense of movement .

Look at the headlights , The qin dynasty 2019 paragraph 1.5L The manual luxury headlamp presents a long and narrow design style , Halogen high and low beam lamps as standard , Provide LED Optional high and low beam lamps , Modeling design is very popular nowadays .

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