Made with ingenuity! You can win it with a monthly salary of 5000! Baojun 530 vs song Pro

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ingenuity win monthly salary baojun

High configuration has always been the focus of Chinese brand models “ Conventional means ”, The price close to the people also makes its cost-effective advantage more prominent , These two advantages are also important reasons why it is more and more popular with consumers . Here are two Chinese brand cars , Baojun 530 Song Dynasty Pro. As for their advantages , Please look down .

models : baojun 530 2019 paragraph 1.5T Manual luxury 7 seat countries VI

The guided :9.28 Ten thousand yuan

baojun 530 2019 paragraph 1.5T Manual luxury 7 The front of the car looks very sharp , The grille uses a banner design , Headlamp with personality , It looks very dynamic .

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