The technical configuration is not new but very complete, which is also the standard of a good car

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technical configuration new complete standard

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In Chang'an Auchan X7PLUS Two weeks before the model was announced , I just talked about Changan Automobile with some friends . Tell the truth , In many cases, I don't pay much attention to this brand , But when I checked their sales , Immediately became interested in the brand .

In the first half of this year , Only Chang'an Auchan brand X5 and X7 Two models , Accumulated sales 126441 Vehicles , An increase of 72%. In other words, according to the simplest and rough average method , In the first six months of this year , These two models can be sold every month 1 Thousands of cars .

If you simply attribute such sales performance to the price , It may narrow the road . in fact , For this entry-level model of domestic brand , Competitive prices are essential , But more importantly , What kind of car do you want to provide users .

In the news materials of Chang'an , I found a sentence :“ Value for customers , Twice the cost paid by the customer ”. And this idea , In Chang'an Auchan X7PLUS Dare to announce the configuration before announcing the price of the product , You can get a glimpse .

Suggestive , It's actually the cost

Tell the truth , Chang'an Auchan X7PLUS Configuration propagation routine , There is still a strong smell of domestic cars . Including five industry-leading configurations 、 The first configuration in five industries 、 Five leading configurations at the same level , And five standard configurations of the whole system , You can find that kind of “ Although there is no sharp goods , But dare to set a benchmark ” Our publicity strategy is among them .

meanwhile , Check some configurations carefully , You can't find a complete functional explanation , such as “ Industry first Baby in car Child mode ”, I carefully look for information in the vast number of web search engines , It is also difficult to find a description of how it can bring a user experience . Such a configuration is not an individual case , For example, it also includes space free chairs , How on earth to send people “ Space ”. And users use original “ Clairvoyant remote video system ”, By mobile phone APP How useful is it to keep an eye on the vehicle from a distance .

But there's no denying it , Regardless of body size 、 still “ The whole scene OnStyle3.0 Intelligent control eight core vehicle machine system ”, Whether it's all standard LED headlight ; Whether it's the whole car 52 The general office NVH programme , Brought about by the 37 DB breathing level silent space , still Geeker Internal and external dual camera face intelligent control system . Although the overall performance of the vehicle may not be greatly improved during use , But there are two words written in the most obvious place —— cost . After all , More configurations will inevitably bring higher costs .

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