How can it be upgraded if it has enough exercise? 2022 Changan uni-t listed

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upgraded exercise changan uni-t uni

8 month 25 Japan ,2022 paragraph changan UNI-T Officially listed , New car launches 5 Model configuration , The official selling price range is 11.59-13.89 Ten thousand yuan . The appearance of the new car 、 Many upgrades have been made in terms of interior upholstery and configuration , Worth waiting for .

aesthetic , The new car uses “ Borderless ” Front air grille design , The diamond element in the center gradually diffuses around , Integrate with the front face , Highlight the front face , On both sides of the grille “ A clover ” Hidden lamp group , It is also highly recognizable when lit ; Besides , The new car will also add a green body , Meet the personalized needs of consumers .

To the side of the body , The new car adopts double waist line design , The roof line passes through B After the column, it began to slide , Create a sports atmosphere for new cars , With the hidden door handle 、 Black wheel eyebrows 、 Slightly protrude the front and rear wings of the body and 20 Inch double five spoke rim , Show the fashion sense of the new car .

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