Exploration Hall of 2021 Chengdu auto show: new M4 convertible model

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exploration hall chengdu auto new

2021 year 8 month 29 Japan ,2021 Chengdu auto show officially opened . On the eve of the opening day of the auto show , We photographed the new BMW at the exhibition hall M4 Billboard for convertible models . The new car will make its debut at the auto show , And is expected to announce the price .

The appearance of the new car is different from M4 Coupes are almost identical , Classic designs such as large mouth air inlet grille and bilateral four-way exhaust are retained . The roof is made of retractable fabric , It is lighter than the folding hardtop of the previous generation 40%, Can be found in 50km/h Complete opening and closing within , The opening and closing time needs 18s, With the roof closed , The luggage compartment volume is from 300 Rise to 385 l .

New car interior and M4 The car version is more consistent in height , Equipped with 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter and iDrive 7.0 Systematic 10.25 Inch center control screen , In addition, it can be done through M Drive Professional “ On board coach ” Function to record drift or lap speed data . The new car is equipped with sheepskin leather bucket seat as standard and has seat heating function , In addition, the bucket seat made of carbon fiber can be upgraded , Its weight will be reduced 21 pounds ( about 9.5 kg ).

motivation , New cars will carry 3.0 l S58 B30T0 Twin turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine , The most powerful 375kW(510 horsepower ), Maximum torque 650N·m, And what matches that is 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox ,0-96km/h Speed up only 3.6s. in addition , The new car also carries M xDrive The intelligent all wheel drive system supports 4WD,4WD Sport and 2WD Driving mode switch .

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