The appearance is arrogant and the configuration is excellent. This SUV is fuel-efficient and fun. It's really good!

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appearance arrogant configuration excellent. excellent

aesthetic , Toyota C-HR The design is avant-garde and fashionable , The rhombic grille below and the black trim surrounding both sides , Let it “ Big mouth type ” The front face looks very sharp . The bold front face design brings a full sense of impact , The headlights on both sides have unique shapes , In line with the taste of most consumers .

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In terms of light sources , All models use LED headlight , And the whole system is equipped with automatic headlamp function . In addition to the minimum model, it is also equipped with LED Daytime running lights and adaptive high and low beam functions .

Well proportioned and compact body and powerful lines , Let its side also have a strong fighting atmosphere . The sliding back shape will have a certain impact on the rear compartment space , But it makes it very dynamic . The layered rear design is also eye-catching , There is a larger spoiler at the top of the rear , At the same time, there is also a on the lower edge of the rear windshield “ Duckling tail ”, The visual effect is very sporty . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4390/1795/1565mm, The wheelbase is 2640mm.

In terms of interior decoration , Although it is an entry-level small SUV, However, most of the accessible areas of the center console are wrapped with soft materials , The material is very kind . At the same time, the workmanship also maintains the exquisite sense of Toyota brand , The overall performance is at the middle and upper level in the same level . With the exception of the elite version and the comfort version 9 Inch touch LCD screen , The screen is suspended . And all support GPS Navigation system 、 Bluetooth and voice recognition control system , To meet the needs of daily use .

The steering wheel is designed in a three spoke style , Low configuration models also have multi-function buttons , The steering wheel of the elite and comfort models is wrapped in plastic , Other models are wrapped in leather , Comfortable grip . The instrument adopts mechanical pointer + Form of trip computer display , The double barrel design enhances the sense of movement in the car , In the center of the dashboard 4.2 Inch trip computer display , You can switch and display a variety of information .

The elite and comfort models use seats wrapped in fabric , Luxury models are wrapped in imitation leather materials , The noble version is made of genuine leather + Imitation leather seats . This set of seats has good wrapping and support , The shape is also pleasing . The rear legroom is relatively loose , The head space is slightly cramped due to the sliding back modeling , The overall performance at this level is normal . The rear seat support ratio is down , This also makes the rear compartment space more flexible and practical .

motivation , Toyota C-HR carrying 2.0L Naturally aspirated engines and 2.0L Hybrid two power assemblies , among 2.0L The maximum power of naturally aspirated engine is 171 horsepower , The maximum torque is 203N·m, What matches it is CVT Stepless gearbox ; The dual engine version is equipped with 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine + A hybrid system composed of electric motors , The maximum power of the engine is 146 horsepower , The maximum torque is 188N·m , The maximum power of the motor is 109 horsepower , The maximum torque is 202N·m, The comprehensive power of the system is 184 horsepower , What matches it is E-CVT Stepless gearbox .

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Toyota C-HR In addition to the personality of modeling design , This car has certain advantages in terminal price and vehicle cost , Good fuel consumption performance , This is one of the reasons why it can be favored by some young consumers . If you plan to buy a small one in the near future SUV, And the requirements for vehicle space are not particularly high , So Toyota C-HR It's still worth considering .

This car is the middle model of the car series , comparison 2.0L The elite version is too expensive 1.9 Ten thousand yuan , More front fog lights 、 Adaptive high and low beam 、 Reversing image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Keyless entry / start-up 、9 Inch touch LCD screen 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Lane departure warning system and other practical configurations . The comprehensive cost performance is very good , Fully competent for daily driving . According to the real owner price of car home , At present, the terminal preference is not strong , But it's still worth recommending .

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