BMW's new 3 series has 9 models on the market / from 293900

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bmw new series models market

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8 month 26 Japan , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , New BMW 3 It is officially listed . New car launches 9 models , Include 4 Standard wheelbase version and 5 Long wheelbase version , The official guidance price range is 29.39-39.89 Ten thousand yuan . The new 3 The Department has improved in luxury equipment and intelligent technology , The appearance remains basically the same , Only the standard axle version of the Yao night suit model blackened the angel eye headlights .

The new 3 The standard axle version of the Yao night suit model adds a jump 、 Stylish two-color seats , Cutting and splicing of contrast materials , Further enhance the visual impact . meanwhile , All models adopt a new generation of advanced technology Sensatec Synthetic leather , Supplemented by exquisite sewing and high-end punching technology , Make the whole interior look more luxurious . The new 3 The long shaft version is equipped with electric tailgate , Just press the button in the car or the remote key , The rear compartment can be opened or closed .

The new 3 Standard configuration of the whole system 12.3 Inch full digital LCD dashboard , as well as 10.25 Inch touchable central display , The exclusive interconnected driving combination is one of the standard configurations of the whole series upgrade , contain BMW Intelligent personal assistant 、 Tencent small scene and other intelligent man-machine service functions . among , Tencent small scenes can recommend corresponding services according to the user's personal usage habits . Besides , The new 3 Park Assist is available on all models of the series Yao night package .

motivation , The new 3 The system carries a new generation B series 2.0T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , The maximum output power is 190kW, Peak torque reached 400Nm, The fastest way is in 5.9 Accelerate from rest to... In seconds 100km/h.

Edit comment on : By 2021 year 7 month , BMW 3 The cumulative sales volume of this year has exceeded 11 Thousands of cars , Compared with the same period last year, it has increased significantly 50.5%.8 month 27 Japan , BMW 3 An old rival of the Department , Mercedes C A new generation of class will be officially launched , It is bound to be true of 3 The sales volume of the system has a certain impact . therefore , At this time, it is also very necessary to launch the annual modified model .

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