This is not a game console handle, this is a general concept steering wheel

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game console handle general concept

What will cars look like in the future ? This is what everyone needs to open their brains to imagine , But now it's still designers who have a headache , Whether it's appearance or detail , The prototype of the future car still depends on these designers to show . For example, we are very familiar with the steering wheel , Some time ago, Tesla announced a rectangular steering wheel , It seems like make complaints about the Tucao .

But this shape may really be favored by designers , And maybe it will become more and more fancy , For example, the following one .

Isn't this Sony PS6 Your joystick ? Of course not. , This is GM's concept steering wheel , Is this style avant-garde enough ? Obviously, it also adopts a rectangular design , Is the future steering wheel really square ? Anyway, Xiaobian looks at the steering wheel and feels a little square .

But there is still something to explore on the steering wheel , For example, the LCD in the central part , It is estimated that this is the LCD dashboard of GM in the future , Here we can now see —— mileage 、 Speed and speed per hour , At the same time, there is vehicle information 、 Oil information and related multimedia will also appear here . But if the LCD Meter turns with the steering, will it make you wonder , Or GM will use the previous Citroen Technology —— When the steering wheel turns, the central area does not turn ? There is no answer yet , But for this steering wheel , Do you like? ?

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