The appearance is more exquisite and luxurious! The new BMW ix3 will welcome domestic production as soon as September

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appearance exquisite luxurious new bmw

Launch new energy , BMW brand has a new move ! As the vanguard to open the door of brand electrification strategy , its iX3 The series of products finally ushered in the transformation and upgrading this year . This new car is not only the fifth generation BMW eDrive The first model of Technology , At the same time, it will further widen the competitive distance with luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz and Audi in the Chinese market . that , The new iX3 What are the highlights that deserve attention ?

The first is the appearance . Compared with the cash on sale version , The new iX3 After the modification, the details of headlights and front surround are re optimized , The outline of the new headlight set is about... Lower than that of the cash 10 mm , This makes the appearance of the new car more sharp , At the same time, the front surround is also related to BMW iX and i4 There are obvious similarities .

In addition to increasing the size of double kidney air inlet grille on the front face , At the tail, the shape and internal design of the lamp group are readjusted . In addition, the diffuser below the tail is also integrated with BMW i Blue , whole LED The outline of the tail lamp is more eye-catching with the black frame . so to speak , The optimized exterior decoration of the whole vehicle becomes more eye-catching , The new style also makes this new car more luxurious and classy .

The interior , The overall change of the new car compared with the current model is not big , Only the contour decoration details of the air conditioner and some key areas are adjusted , The created scientific and technological atmosphere and sense of grade are still very eye-catching . In the configuration of Intelligent Technology , The new iX3 With the new generation 4 It's not equipped iDrive 8 System , But it supports gesture control 、 Language interaction system 、 Mobile Mapping 、 Online services and other configurations .

As the fifth generation BMW eDrive The first model of Technology , The new iX3 Will carry a maximum power 286 horsepower , Peak torque 400 cattle · M rear drive motor , According to the battery capacity of different versions , Its WLTP The maximum range under working conditions is about 460km, The result of 100 acceleration is 6.8 second . Besides , The new iX3 It will also provide 150kW DC fast charging function ,10 About... Can be added in minutes 100km recharge mileage (WLTP working condition ), Domestic BMW in the future iX3 Whether it can bring surprises in sales , It's worth looking forward to .

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