Entering the sports luxury car market, will the Guinness Seth G70 become the first choice for young people?

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entering sports luxury car market

Back to the Chinese market , Obviously, Denise has prepared enough homework . Although the current Chinese auto market is in a new energy wave , But in terms of luxury cars , This big Korean factory always seems to surprise people . In the first half of this year , We've analyzed Janice Seth G80、GV80 Even those who have officially landed in the North American market G70 and G70 The competitive strength of hunting clothes . From many angles , This will be a luxury + High end brand of sports , In the future, China is bound to set off a new wave of competition .

among , It is regarded as a domestic BMW 3 And other mainstream competitors G70, Guinness Seth has planned to make an official appearance at the Chengdu Auto Show opened this month . For this new car , The challenges ahead are not small , Because before that , There is no lack of Infiniti in the luxury sports market 、 alpha · Romeo and other famous car companies , And this time G70 How much confidence do you have ?

After the comprehensive transformation of the brand , Many of its products have been equipped with family style front face design language that shows a more sense of luxury and grade , and G70 It will go further at the sports level , Its ambition can be seen from its appearance, interior decoration and other details . Especially in the interior part , Skillfully combine luxury and sports , Of course, there is no lack of intelligent configuration loved by young users , So the challenge of success in the future BBA Big factory , Also look at G70 Finally, the sincerity of pricing after listing in China .

Refer to the current overseas models for power , Janice Seth G70 Will provide 2.0T Four cylinder engine 、3.3T V6 Engine and 2.2T There are three options for diesel engines , Combined with the... That has been listed in China G80 and GV80 Family dynamics information , The future landing on the domestic market G70 Or will keep only 2.0T edition , Of course 3.3T Version is also expected to appear as top configuration .

​ summary : For Denise , Returning to the Chinese market is obviously a good preparation after class “ fight to win or die ”, Facing many joint ventures and imported brands with long-term market user base advantages , The challenges facing Janice Seth in the future have officially begun , as for G70 and G70 Whether hunting clothes can gain a firm foothold in China , Ultimately, it naturally depends on its pricing strategy and the performance of Terminal Services .

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