The maximum power has been reduced, and the latest information of the new navigator has been exposed

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maximum power reduced latest information

As the flagship of Lincoln automobile brand SUV, At the same time, it is also the best-selling large-scale luxury in China SUV One of , The navigator has been widely concerned and recognized by the market since the new generation . Especially after the medium-term change ,2022 paragraph The pilot is more in the appearance details 、 The intelligent configuration and power performance are slightly adjusted and optimized , So what are the highlights of the new car ?

First, the interior and appearance ,2022 The pilot still follows the design concept of cash products , The massive front grille points out its powerful aura , At the same time, the outer contour of the front grille has been further upgraded and expanded , The matrix grid also adds a more powerful chrome plated decoration , The momentum created by the whole vehicle is still very eye-catching .

Come into the car , The new car also continues to follow the family design style of cash products , But after the modification, the frame of the suspended central control screen becomes narrower , The picture definition and size show more scientific and technological atmosphere , In addition, some local areas such as steering wheel function buttons and air conditioning buttons , It also incorporates a more classy chrome plated edging decoration , The large area of leather and solid wood makes the luxury and grade feeling inside the new car still eye-catching .

As a large-scale enterprise with absolute advantages in internal space SUV, Lincoln further upgraded the concept of American luxury . The second row continues 5.9 Inch LCD screen , For the operation of seat adjustment level multimedia and other functions by rear passengers , In addition, the new car has been upgraded up to 30 To the front seat massage system , Second row seat heating 、 Ventilation and massage functions appear as options .

​ Mechanical literacy ,2022 The Lincoln Navigator still uses 3.5T Twin turbocharging V6 The engine , But compared with the current model, the maximum output power has changed , Reduced 11 Horsepower to 446 horsepower , But with the support of smarter adaptive intelligent suspension , The new car can achieve a more smooth and comfortable driving texture , In addition to Pro-Trailer Backup Assist Integration of functions , Like completing the task of tail support, it is also more leisurely , The performance of the whole vehicle is still worth looking forward to .

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