Let users participate in car building? Krypton cars are so playful

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let users participate car building

Speaking of domestic cars , Geely must be familiar to everyone .2021 In the first half of the year , Geely's total sales reached 63 Thousands of cars , Up about 19%, revenue 450 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 22%, He handed over a brilliant report card to the market , Show strong brand competitiveness .

At the beginning of this year, Geely motor released two “ Blue Geely action plan ”. The first plan is to focus on intelligent energy-saving and small displacement new energy vehicles , Including hybrids 、 Add program plug-in hybrid , This part will be undertaken by Geely brand . The second plan is to focus on pure electric intelligent vehicles , Establish a new pure electric vehicle company , Actively participate in the competition of intelligent pure electric vehicle market .

And this new company is the very krypton that exploded as soon as it was established . Geely's expectations for krypton are very high , Set the sales target of krypton as 2025 Annual sales reached 65 Thousands of cars , The market share of high-end electric vehicles is among the top three in the world . A rough calculation , If you want to achieve this goal , The monthly sales volume of krypton needs to exceed 10000 per month , Throughout China, there are only a few mainstream new energy brands that can achieve monthly sales of more than 10000 , So what is the foundation of krypton's transcendence ?

SEA The vast sword comes out of its scabbard

Set such a big goal , Geely is obviously prepared , experience 4 R & D in , Put in more than 180 One hundred million yuan , Geely is 2020 A new intelligent pure electric architecture was released at the end of the year ——SEA Vast architecture , It's like TNGA Architecture brings Toyota a qualitative leap , and SEA The vast architecture is an important carrier of Geely's digital transformation .

SEA Vast architecture has a lot of advanced technology , For example, from 1800mm-3300mm Wheelbase range , It basically covers small city cars 、 All models, including pickup trucks ; The battery pack is an integrated module free specification ,NEDC The range is more than 700 km ; Silicon carbide will replace traditional IGBT; expect 2025 Fully automatic driving on open roads, etc .

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