The number of insurance coverage of trumpchi MPV family surpassed that of Buick domestic MPV for the first time?

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number insurance coverage trumpchi mpv

First, let's take a look at the insurance data , In addition to consumers' increasing recognition of GAC motor brand , More and more people choose trumpchi's MPV outside , The reason for the shortage of chip capacity is also very big .

In contrast, it comes from MPV From the sales volume of the purchase quantity of traffic compulsory insurance , buick MPV Family sales are still more than trumpchi 3318 platform , The number varies even more . The reason why the number of Buick insurance is lower than that of trumpchi , It is more because of the reduction of production capacity caused by the shortage of chips , New car lead times get longer , Fewer landing new cars .

Although there are still big differences in sales , However, this does not negate GAC motor's efforts , The insurance data exceeded Buick for the first time MPV The family is no accident . Buick's success lies in its preemptive landing in the market , stay MPV When the market is blank, it has begun to work hard . GAC motor's efforts are more focused on better understanding the real needs of domestic consumers , For example, the four seat version launched this year , It is also a bold attempt of trumpchi . As a domestic independent brand , Compared with foreign joint venture brands , Research on national car demand , It will certainly go deeper and deeper , GAC motor relies on this advantage , In Buick, the tiger's mouth, pull down the meat bit by bit , Occupy more market share .

But in terms of sales , GAC motor may need to redouble its efforts , Create more reliable , Better quality models , In order to further gain the trust of consumers . Domestic consumers are interested in Buick MPV Product recognition does not happen overnight , Trumpchi wants to further surpass Buick in sales , It also needs to be in all aspects of the product , Beyond Buick , There is hope to break the myth , Create a new legend belonging to trumpchi .( chart / writing / taken : Pacific automotive network Ke Kewen )

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