Another luxury car compromise! If you don't lose Q5, what else do you want

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luxury car compromise don lose

as everyone knows , Hannanda and Tuan have very high status in China , It has always been a popular model for consumers , In models of the same class , These two cars also show an overwhelming advantage , However, in the face of fierce domestic competition in the auto market , These two cars still show great pressure , But with its own influence , Its position in China is still very solid , Today, Xiaobian will tell you another model - Cadillac XT5

audi Q5 It can be said that it is a very influential model in luxury brands , The number of this car in China is also very high , In recent years, Audi Q5 Excellent performance at home , Thanks to the substantial price reduction , The starting price of the low configuration version is 30 ten thousand , Compared with BMW of the same level X3, Mercedes GLC It is also very advantageous , But Audi Q5 Not without rivals , list 54 Everything is too expensive ! Now it has fallen to 28 ten thousand , The grade is not lost Q5, What else do you want, hanlanda tuang

Cadillac XT5 Appearance design , Overall, it looks more stable and atmospheric , The whole body design gives people a heavy feeling , The front face design adopts the family design language , Tear mark lamp design , Make the whole vehicle look very visual impact , The big mouth shield shaped air intake grille looks domineering , China open adopts Silver Chrome Plated decorative strip , It increases the breath of young sports in the whole vehicle , Compared with Audi Q5 More recognizable for .

From the side , The car feels very smooth , The penetrating waistline extends from the front to the rear , The whole car looks quite layered , The tail adopts diamond cutting design , The whole car looks quite three-dimensional , The lamp group adopts L Type design , Echo with the sharp lights in front of you , In the same level, the full length, width and height of the selfie are 4812mm,1903mm,1685mm, The wheelbase is 2857mm, Position a medium-sized SUV models .

Interior design , Cadillac also creates a strong sense of cutting , But it doesn't look as stiff as it looks , The car is wrapped with a large area of soft materials , Show a sense of luxury , A built-in LCD screen is used in the central control , Integrated multimedia , Navigation as one configuration , The seats are wrapped in leather , Comfort is also very good , The whole car is equipped with 360 Panoramic images , Lane departure warning , Panoramic sunroof , Electric rear tailgate , Head up display and other practical configurations .

Power on , Cadillac XT5 Adopted a 2.0T The engine , Maximum horsepower is 269 horsepower , The transmission part adopts 8AT and 9AT Two different models of transmission , The whole power system is also very mature and reliable , The result of 100 km acceleration is 8.1s, Average in the same level , It's enough for people who don't deliberately pursue motivation , In addition, this car has a hybrid version to choose from

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